2/22/17 Mom got an iPhone

Mom finally decided to join the human race and got an iPhone. Now she has a big learning curve to adjust to! The camera on her old phone was awful and always gave her fuzzy pictures, so Jamie has been the designated photographer. Mom took her first pic with the iPhone and look who she caught napping:


Very crisp, clear picture!

Unfortunately, the extra Benadryl and eye drops have not solved my tear-stain problem. (We girls are so self-conscious!) Mom is going to take me back to the Vet to see if Dr. Beard has anything else up her sleeve that could help.

The weather here in Illinois has been superb. We are hitting record highs and the ice skating rink downtown had to close because we’ve had such warm temperatures! Unheard-of for February. The trees are still brown and stick-like, but if one looks closely, some buds are beginning to form. The weatherman predicts a “severe change” in temperature, and here, that means 30 to 40 degrees overnight. I surely hope we are done with the snow, though, especially since things have thawed out so nicely.

I do want to send out of Woof! of encouragement, care, and concern to those in our country who are experiencing storms and flooding. California especially has been in my doggie thoughts. I saw a picture of two beautiful horses standing chest-deep in flood water. I don’t know if they were evacuated or not. I hope so!

Well, that’s about all I have for now. Mom is waiting to hear from Jamie and then I think she’s going to take me for a “W.A.L.K.”. She thinks I don’t know what that means. Wink!

Woof! Love, Maggie




2/20/17 Presidents Day

Let me apologize for not blogging sooner. I have been overwhelmed with the news media and my human family getting sick one at a time. Everyone is healthy now, though. We (Mom and I) are trying to deal with all the awful news regarding the current President. It has been very depressing. Mom has left the TV off most of the time.

Now, for some happy news! Where to begin? We’ve had beautiful, un-seasonal weather. Yesterday it went up past 70F. I’ve taken a couple of nice walks, and spent some time in the back yard. The ground is still soft and spongy, and we do need a couple of more nice, sunny, days to dry everything out.

All the snow and ice has melted. The geese are back, walking around like they own the place. It’s still the middle of winter, but everyone seems to be fooled into thinking it’s spring already. I’m not complaining!

This weekend, Jamie and his special friend Hailey went to a dance at her school. Dad kept me on the leash so I wouldn’t jump all over them and their nice clothes.

Here is a picture:


Don’t they look adorable? And they made it to the dance without a shred of dog hair on them!

I hope all you humans have a great Presidents Day. Enjoy the day and, if it’s good weather where you are, get out and enjoy it!

Woof! Love, Maggie


2/12/17 John Wick Chapter 2

No spoilers, I promise!

If swearing and an extreme amount of violence offends you, don’t see this movie.

That having been said, last night we (barely – 2 shows were sold out) got tickets to see JW2.

We were supposed to go Friday, opening night, but I ended up helping Gines with his resume and on-line job applications until about 11:00 p.m. I also caught a cold, generously given to me by my children (notice, when I am sick, it’s a “cold”; when they are sick, it’s “man-flu”, but…that’s another blog)!

Anyhow, I stuffed some Kleenex in my purse and we headed to the theater, only to be turned away. We looked up a few other places on-line and ended up getting tickets for the 9:40 p.m. show. That meant we’d be out about two hours later than we anticipated. It was agreed that Jim, Jamie, and Nico would drop me off immediately after the movie to attend to Maggie and the guys would take Nico home.

Now, if swearing and extreme violence DON’T offend you:

Do not miss a SINGLE MINUTE of this movie. The opening sequence will leave you with your mouth hanging open. There is that much action packed in before the title shows, and the pace doesn’t stop. There is literally never a dull moment.

The plot may be a little thin, but face it, that’s not why one goes to see a movie of this calibre. If you like car chases, “gun-fu”, and lots of vengeance, then this is for you.

I said there weren’t going to be any spoilers. As in the first John Wick movie, the blood and body count is lightened by some “dark-funny” moments.

The John Wick character, an assassin who is very, very, good at his job, is still trying to retire. He is summoned to do an impossible job which will  have enormous consequences. That’s all I will say. It’s a non-stop adrenaline rush. As in the first movie, all the acting is done without the use of CGI. Refreshing!

After the movie, Jamie made a comment about some of the lines seeming to be forced. To me, that is because the John Wick character, being a man of few words, seems to have them torn out of him rather than willingly spoken. It’s easy to imagine Mr. Wick at home, deep in thought, completely silent, lost in memories, and comfortable in that silence.

The ending sets things up perfectly for Chapter 3. I already can’t wait.

*    *   *

When I returned home, Maggie was resting on her chair. She was very happy to see me, and ran around all over, not being able to decide if she wanted to eat her treat, get her tail end scratched, or run up and down the stairs several times. So she did each in turn.

I took her out and she did her business. I felt a wave of relief wash over me after I’d inspected the tiles near the front door. If she does have an accident, that is usually where it happens. However, I did not find it until I was walking up the stairs. I admit the carpet is ratty, but the perfect circle of wet in the middle of the landing did strike me as odd. I pointed to it and she sat down, lowered her head, and licked her lips. I told her I wasn’t mad, as it was our fault we were gone so long.

Bottom line: if you want a non-stop thrill ride, see this movie. But buy your tickets in advance on-line as the shows are filling up quickly.

Your friend, Liz







2/9/17 Dad scares the heck out of me

Morning time, and I’m busy with my usual routine: breakfast, meds, outside, play “keep away” with Dad, and then a nap after everyone leaves.

Dad left as usual (or so I thought). What he was really doing was taking Mom’s Fiat, Zeus, in for a much-needed repair at the dealership. I did not realize this. Anyway, I was lulled into a false sense of security, and was soon fast asleep on the couch.


Mom was putting dishes away and doing all her morning clean up. I started to snore. All of a sudden, the front door flew open and there was Dad!

He’d caught me totally by surprise. I woke up quickly and raised up my hair, growling and barking. Then I realized the “intruder” was just Dad in his winter hat with the ear flaps down.

I felt foolish that the watch dog was caught napping. Dad laughed and said, “Who are you barking at?” I slunk off the couch and looked toward the treat jar. Mom was laughing, too, and that just made me more embarrassed! These humans!

They did give me a treat though, so not a complete loss!

Woof! Love, Maggie

2/5/17 Super Bowl Sunday

23! 14! 18! Woof!

The house is smelling good. Mom cooked up some wonderful smelling food, but said that I couldn’t have anything with onions in it. Foiled again!

However, we have lots of company today: Hailey, Erik, Miguel, and of course the usual suspects of Mom, Dad, and Jamie (they don’t count as company).

Dad’s had the TV on all day. “Just for the commercials,” he says. Ha, ha! Like anyone believes THAT. (The Tide commercial with Terry Bradshaw was pretty good though).

First Dad had on the “Fish Bowl”, featuring the LA Clams and the Buffalo Gills, (proof that he will watch anything). Dad grumped that he’s glad football is over cause the Bears stunk soooo bad this year. Woof! Tail wags to that!

Anyway, I am sure you are all busy with the game, so bye for now and see you all on WP very soon!


(Erik and Me) – an older pic but a goodie

Love, Maggie

1/29/17 Thanks! Woof!

Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes. I had a great day!

I decided to check my site and found that I had magically “unfollowed” a lot of you nice humans. Probably this happened during one of the many WP changes. So I rechecked the selections and hopefully, now we’re all back on track.

I’m a little sleepy from the meds I have to take so just a quick post today.

Woof and tail wags to all!


Love, Maggie


1/28/17 Maggie’s 6th Birthday!

Woof, Everyone!

Today is my 6th birthday. I started the day out with a warm sponge bath, which I enjoyed very much. Then Mom and Jamie surprised me with an unexpected trip to the Vet. I didn’t mind, because my new Vet is super sweet and will give me some squeezy cheese if I let her put that funny silver thingy on my chest. She also sits on the floor and plays around. She’s a good Vet.

Mom and Jamie took me to the Vet because they have been worried about my allergies. As you can see from the pictures below, my eyes have been very runny. Mom has been bathing my eye area with a soft cloth and warm water, but she was worried because these tear-stain crunchies seemingly are getting worse.

Doctor has me on Benadryl and eye drops. I don’t mind the Benadryl, because Mom hides them in peanut butter, but I’m not thrilled about the drops.

Anyway, the doctor clipped my nails, exclaimed about how clean and infection-free my ears were, and gave me a belly rub and the squeezy cheese. She also said my teeth were great! She and her assistant are very nice people. We walked through the clinic, then we came home.

Mom broke out some presents:


I got some peanut butter Dreambones, which are delicious and no rawhide (allergies), and a new tuff toy to play with. The other two things are my new medicines. Jamie said I photobombed the picture, but hey! It’s my birthday!

The doctor also suggested Mom give me some plain rice with my kibble and maybe some chicken or hamburger since my tummy has been touchy. Mom cooked these delicacies and let them cool while I begged for a sample. Then she mixed it in my kibble and I had a great birthday dinner, and all on doctor’s orders!!

Later on we played with my new toy but I was guarding it from the human sneak-thieves, who like to throw it down the hall:


See my newly-manicured nails? Also, you can see the tear stains, but Mom promises they will be gone very soon.

Anyway, thank you for sharing my birthday! I hope you all have a woof-derful weekend!

Tail wags, Love, Maggie