5/12/13 My First Real Day Home

I feel better today!  Doctor says I can’t play too much yet, but I did see Jamie sitting on the floor so I knocked him over and kissed his whole face.  I’m so happy!  But I’m scared, too.  I don’t know what to do, or how to act, so I just follow Mom around.  Dad likes to talk to me in his “good dog voice”.  I have three beds so I can sleep anywhere I want!  I have a big crate but I don’t like that yet so they aren’t forcing me into it.  It reminds me of the kennel at the Shelter.  Jamie picked out dishes for me that say, “Rock Star” on them.  I don’t know what a “Rock Star” is but he thinks I am one!  My tummy feels a little better but Mom says I  have to take all my medicine.  I  have lots of toys, but I get tired kind of quick.  Dad says I’m skinny and that Mom will fatten me up in no time.  Mom’s older boy, Erik, came over to see me today with his mate, Jenny, and they liked me a lot.  We played in the big backyard.  I can’t believe I have all this room to run around in!  There are so many different smells!  I don’t know what to smell first!  I’m scared it’s going to end and they are going to take me back.  I get scared a lot and don’t want to be alone.

My new people went away for a while today and I was home alone in the house with the bright things that swim around in the big wet squares.  I have been wondering about those flaky things they eat.  So while my people were gone, I jumped onto the counter, knocked over the container, and ate all the flakes.  Then I knocked over the garbage and ate all of that, too.  I couldn’t help it; I was curious, upset, and nervous.  Then I thought I probably shouldn’t have done that.  When my people came home, I showed I was sorry by slinking on the ground and I thought I was going to get hit when I saw Dad’s hand.  But he surprised me by speaking firmly and saying, “No garbage,” and then using his hand to pet me.  Jamie started saying something about “fish food” and wanted to take me to the Vet.  He was very upset.  I felt bad for upsetting him.  But Mom said, “She will probably get the runs,” but I didn’t want to run anywhere.  I heard Dad say, “This dog is very scared, she has been mistreated by her first owner.”  I don’t know what that means.  Then he told me, “Good dog,” and I DO know what that means.  So I guess they were not going to hit me after all.

We went up to the big room today (I can climb stairs!) and I slept on one of my beds in the same room as Mom and Dad.  But first I went to Jamie’s room and stuck my nose under his covers to make sure he was tucked in.  I have a bed there, too.  I’m glad I was close to Mom cause all that strange food I ate made me have to poop in the night.  I think Mom was ready for it though, because she didn’t act surprised.

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