5/25/13 What’s Wrong With Me?

I don’t know why I keep doing this.  I know I have a good home.  I know I have a good family.  But sometimes, like this morning, I feel like…I don’t know, like the lightning hits my brain and and I can’t control myself.  I wound myself up and felt so hyper.  I launched myself up and down the stairs at top speed while Jamie and Mom yelled at me to stop.  That just made me growl at them and go faster.  The lamp swayed.  I pushed off Jamie’s leg like a launch pad, whirled around, jumped down three stairs, and, growling, tried to clamp my jaws onto Mom’s arm.  Mom yelled, “NO BITE!” at me.  Then she and Jamie chased me out of the house, but not before I tried to nip at Grandma, who was peacefully lying on the couch.  Finally, I realized that Mom meant business, and tried cowering near the back door, but she wasn’t putting up with my, “I’m sorry” act.  Out the door I went.

I guess Grandma forgot.  (She said, “You’d better get rid of that dog!!”) She let me back in right away.  Mom was getting dressed.  Mom looked pretty grim and locked me with her in the bedroom.  She gave me the firm voice about running wild in the house and attacking people.  I rolled over and showed her my belly.  I was already sorry for the incident, but knew that wouldn’t go far since I had hurt people.

We went to the yard where Mom got out Lawn Mower.  It had rained a few days ago, so the grass was a big job this time.  She mowed and mowed and tossed me balls and sticks while she was mowing.  We were out for more than two hours, she said.  While Mom worked, I ran off energy, rocketing around the yard, slipping, tripping, and doing full body somersaults.  I didn’t care.  I had to run away this energy.  Finally I rested to chew on a stick while she cleaned up.

When we came in, I crawled to my crate to think and and sleep.  Mom told Dad that if I don’t cool it, she’s taking me back to the Shelter because she can’t have me charging people and snapping at them.  She’s never threatened to take me back before.  I’m in shock.  What’s wrong with me?  Why do I act this way? 

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