6/22/13 Relay for Life

Last night I went for another of my little “moonlight strolls” after sneaking out under the fence.  I don’t go far – just to the woods next to the house.  However, I was quickly busted by the oldest boy next door and brought meekly to the front door.  Mom and Dad scolded me and I sat politely on the floor, head cocked to one side, listening to them:  “Maggie blah blah skunks blah blah coyotes blah blah strangers blah blah!”

We were up late because Jamie and Mom had been to the Relay for Life sponsored by The American Cancer Society and they were out walking the track.  Dad and Grandma and I stayed up, hanging out at home.  Jamie and Mom had a great time, and said it was for a very good cause.  They said they are doing it again next year.  Jamie and Mom would have taken me, but I still have the tendency to jump on people, so until that is a little more under control, I have to stay home.  I’m really working on this jumping thing, and do see some improvement.  There’s always next year, and I am looking forward to going!

Because I ducked out again, Mom isn’t letting me have free run of the backyard today until she can completely re-barricade the fence for the second time.  But I know that no matter how well she and Dad reinforce that fence, I’m just going to dig underneath it.  So, Mom sent Jamie to play outside with me, which is always a treat.  When we came in, Mom sniffed the air and announced that we “both smell like outside”.  While I firmly believe that Dad is part Cat due to his total fear of the water, I now feel Mom is crossed with Dog due to her strong sense of smell, especially after seeing her in action with that gum incident.

I wanted to close this blog today with a shameless plea regarding volunteerism and charities.  Although but a humble dog, I believe we are here to care for, and bring joy to, each other, whether we are animal or human.  Volunteering and charity work are a great way to achieve those goals.  If you can volunteer a bit of your time to work at a charity or helpful organization that means something to you, please do it.  If you can’t, but can afford to do a little money-sending, please do that.  Your acts of kindness will go far, even if you only send a couple of your human dollars. 

Thank you so much for reading today.  Sending you out a big tail-wag!

Love, Maggie

2 thoughts on “6/22/13 Relay for Life

  1. cb

    I got paid last week and had a lot of cash in pocket today. Made mistake of visiting local hardware store during a massive pet adoption drive. Puppies and kitties of all shapes sizes and ages were there. Many different shelter societies were there. I spent more in donations than I spent on the stuff I went in to get.


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