6/24/13 Maggie Meets Rusk

Quite some time ago, my new family had other dogs.  Big dogs, and a lot of them.  I can still smell their ghosts lurking in the shadows, no matter how much Lysol or Pine-Sol or Fabuloso Mom uses.  My nose is better than that.  Jamie, too, is always asking about “the Greyhounds” and Mom explains that they are gone now.  While I am a bit glad to be the Dog of the House, I wonder what it would have been like to come into this home having brothers and sisters!

Then there is Rusk and CoCo.  Rusk is Erik’s dog; CoCo, Jenny’s.  Rusk is a JackChi (Jack Russell/Chihuahua cross-breed) and CoCo a Maltese.  Not wanting to overwhelm me with two small dogs at once, a (leashed) sniff n’ greet was planned for Rusk first, then CoCo, then both together on another occasion.

Mom explained to me that while CoCo was teeny-tiny, Rusk was a little bigger, maybe a ten pounder, and full of life, probably good for a run in the backyard.

Erik came over with Rusk and of course I was overjoyed to see him.  Erik is one of my favorite people!  Rusk suspiciously trotted near and I ambled over to greet him.  Rusk immediately got in my face and tried to jump on me, which I forgave for a moment, even though he was in my house.  However, when he did it again and then bit me on the leg, I took my forepaw and swatted him down like the mosquito that he was to me!  This time, I tried to jump back at him.  I feel I had every right to.

Mom held me down and Erik scooped up Rusk.  Then Mom shooed me outside, while Erik said a bunch of words I can’t say, and said Rusk was acting like a little…well, I can’t say it.  But you get the idea that Rusk had an attitude problem.

Not long after that, Erik left, saying he, “wanted to have a dog to take home” and “what was (his) dog’s problem, trying to take on a Pitbull?”  That made me feel kind of bad.  I knew Erik wasn’t mad at me, but still.  I mean, if I’d wanted to take Rusk’s head in my jaws and crush it, I would have easily done so a second.  But I didn’t.  I just swatted him down.  Wouldn’t you defend yourself if someone bit you?  But I knew Rusk was much smaller than me and I took that into consideration.  Kind of like you take your irritating little cousin into consideration at those family parties.

I never saw Rusk again, and I never did meet CoCo.  That’s OK with me, because I don’t want dogs in my life that are going to start problems.

I guess Jamie is right when he says that I’m, “tough, buff, but not very gruff.”  And I like it that way!

Love, Maggie

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