6/26/13 You Only Hurt the Ones You Love

My blog is about my journey into being a good household pet and member of the family, so I have to show my warts as well as my positive points.  And I have to admit that I haven’t been a stellar pet lately.  I’m kind of ashamed of myself to admit it, but I guess I just got too comfortable in a good situation.  There’s a number of things going on, but I’m going to touch on the main one.

I’ve mentioned that I have this little jumping problem.  OK, so maybe it’s not so little.  And I thought I was improving.  But, Mom is now uncomfortable asking people to come over, because I’m getting a tad bit out of hand with my exuberant welcomes.  (sigh) Yesterday, I must admit, Erik and Jenny came over and I was so excited and spontaneous and so….firecracker up my behind about it that I jumped almost hip high, with my head even with Erik’s, and gave him a nasty scratch with my nails on the way down and a playful nip to come and have a game of fetch.  All this was purely accidental of course, and in good nature, but…Mom had a fit about it.  In hindsight, I don’t blame her.  Dad was home and he was disappointed in me, too.

Now my family knows I am a good dog, and an intelligent dog, and I may be getting bored, and I am ready for the next step.  So Mom called Laurel for a meeting of the minds on doggie behavior, and Laurel pointed out a lot of things, and agreed with Mom that the next step is…

Obedience School.  Classes now forming. 

I will keep you posted. 

Love, Maggie

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