7/8/13 Random Thoughts


(This is me, fussing with my blanket!)

I start Obedience School July 27 at 10:00 a.m.  I’m nervous and excited.  I think I’ll do well in school but still, it’s a new experience.  I hope to be the Total Dog very shortly!  Woof!

It’s war between me and New Vacuum Cleaner.  He’s got his friend, Blender, who is equally loud and obnoxious!  Mom needs to get rid of these two characters As Soon As Puppy and replace them with something quiet.  I’ll chew their cords yet! Grrr!

Speaking of appliances, it seems wrong to me that Dishwasher gets to lick all the plates and I don’t.  The humans waste perfectly good gravy and scraps by scraping their plates and sometimes they even rinse them off!  It’s an outrage to a dog!

Laurel was supposed to come over and walk me today while Mom and Jamie went to the gym.  But her child got very ill and she had to stay home instead.  I  hope the little human is OK.  I know how awful I felt when I was sick and don’t wish that on anyone!  Hopefully, I will see Laurel soon!

Mo is back from vacation from the far-away place “Egypt” and he brought Jamie and Mom back a bunch of cool stuff, (even if one of the things is a cat statue).  Mom and Jamie are so glad to have him back!  But now they are moaning and groaning when they go up and down the stairs again.  These humans make a lot of strange noises, too!

Here’s hoping that everyone had a great 4th of July and that’s all I have for now!  Woof!

Love, Maggie




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