7/13/13 Rufus

This morning I found out who Rufus was and it was a disaster.

Rufus is Uncle Wayne’s huge, old, Black Labrador.  Uncle Wayne brought him around to the backyard where I met them at the fence.  Then the trouble started.  Mom was trying to put the lead on me but somehow the gate opened and Rufus trotted in MY YARD.  I saw red, as you humans would say, and to make a long story short, attacked him 3 times before I was subdued with the lead.  Rufus was shaken up but OK. 

I didn’t get to go on the walk.

Uncle Wayne asked me, “Why, Maggie?” but in the end he just took Rufus and Jamie out.

Mom is furious with me and said something bad.

Dad says that, to look at it from my point of view, I saw a dog who was bigger than me and acted to protect my pack, especially with him walking into the yard.  Mom is not buying into that and is still furious and says she doesn’t know what happened to her friendly dog. Now Mom is worried about how I will act in Obedience School around the other dogs.  I know I never have a problem at the groomer’s, and there are plenty of dogs there.

I guess I’m not having a good day today.   

Mom says I was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, because literally one second I was licking Uncle Wayne and wagging my tail and in the next second I was jumping on his dog’s back, snarling and growling.

I’ve got to go rest on the kitchen floor and think this through.

Love, Maggie


6 thoughts on “7/13/13 Rufus

  1. annotating60

    Most dogs are better than most people I know. At least they know how to love unconditionally–of course they have to like you first. When you show fear to a dog they pick up on that. Be strong, be an alpha dog, they respect and love that.>KB

  2. Wayne

    I do not blame Maggie at all. A strange dog comes into her home and she being a protective member of the family reacted. As Rufus’ dad I was not angry and am not ready to give up on the two of them getting together in the future. Maggie needs some obedience training. Next meeting will be on neutral ground, say a forest preserve where they can both feel more comfortable and try to explore (and poop and peeeeeee) in unfamiliar surroundings. This may work out for the better. I like Maggie…she is just young.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      (tail wags furiously, jumps up to lick face) Thank you, Uncle Wayne! It was so nice to see you. You are right, after school and on neutral ground, I’ll be better…Woof!

  3. cb

    Maggie, has your Mom ever watched the Dog Whisperer? I always thought he had a good understanding of the pack mentality. You need to realize that you are part of a pack, but not the Alpha female. Your Mom is the Alpha female.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      You know, cb, it’s pretty strange, but Mom does not watch any TV at all. She has a hard enough time sitting still at the movies! I like to test Mom’s boundaries. I’m impish that way. Woof! Love, Maggie


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