7/16/13 “Rodeo Abs”


(Here I am with a copy of the DVD.  As you can see, I’m ready to rumble…)

Mom bought a DVD program called, “8 Second Rodeo Abs” by Ryan “Cowboy” Ehmann to supplement her workouts.  Now, Mom is not a country, cowboy, or country & western type of person at all.  What happened was, Grandma was over and watching “Shark Tank”on TV the other day, when this cowboy appeared on the screen, yelled, “Whoo-hoo!  That’s what I’m talking about!” and ripped off his shirt to reveal the most muscular stomach this side of The Incredible Hulk.  Mom says his abs were so shredded, she had to try his workout.

I don’t know why Mom wants to shred her abs.  Whenever I shred something, I definitely get into trouble!

It’s very difficult to have Mom sitting on the floor and not have me “flashmob” her.  Usually, when someone is snout-level, it’s the perfect time to go into a face-washing, licking frenzy, complete with a little hair-on-the-head chewing action.  However, while Mom is sweating and gasping, Dad usually calls me away from her.  I’m racking up treats that way.  So my belly is getting fatter while Mom is trying to get flatter!  Mom says she doesn’t know how long it’s going to take to shred her abs, but she’s going to stick with it.  Hopefully, I can sneak a “flashmob” or two in while Dad isn’t looking!

That’s what I’m talking about!

Love, Maggie


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