7/26/13 The Snack Wrap Incident


(Me, perky and not sleeping!)

Erik came over and wanted to go to McDonald’s for a bite to eat.  We don’t really go to McDonald’s since Mom and Jamie became food cops, but we all piled into the car to go for a ride.  It was a nice evening, after all.

We got to the drive-thru (I was intrigued by the smells) and Erik was trying to make up his mind about what to order.  He was going to order a snack wrap and the attendant asked him if he wanted the snack wrap or the McWrap, because there was a difference.  So, not being a real frequent McDonald’s customer himself, he asked the lady what was the difference between the two food items.

“One is big and one is small,” she replied dryly.  Never mind that the McWrap comes with a lot more toppings.  One is big and one is small.  That was it.

Erik started laughing so hard, he was doubled over at the wheel.  We were all trying to keep it in so not to be disrespectful, but Mom, Jamie, and Jenny could not help but crack up along with him.  I got into the spirit with some tail-wagging and a couple of woofs.

Erik ended up ordering the McWrap.  Said it was super-sloppy.

One is big and one is small.  Words to live by.

Love, Maggie


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