8/13/13 Just Blogging 2

I have this plastic pretzel that I’m systematically destroying by tearing chunks out of it; then I chew the little chunks like gum.  Mom is always tweaking out about this (she’s afraid I’ll choke), but Jamie thinks it’s hilarious to watch.  He got the idea to make a video of me chewing, and to put the old Haddaway “Don’t Hurt Me” song behind it, so I’d look like those 3 guys from Saturday Night Live.  I kind of hope he does it…I’d post it on YouTube.  “What is love…don’t hurt me”

When I’m not chewing my gum, I’m reading this cool Zombie story by this guy, cb, and his wordpress account is called, contrafactual.  I think you should check it out.  There’s a nice dog in there named Rolf.  He’s my favorite character, and I hope he doesn’t get eaten by the Z pack. 

Today is kind of a slow news day.  Mom went to the store, and one of the women there told her that she resembled Sharon Osbourne.  Mom came home, announced her impending suicide, and changed her hair.

Jamie is recovering from his incident with the skateboard.  However, he is very sore.  I’m trying not to jump on him.  Saturday is his birthday and he says he feels like an old man.  In dog years, he’s 91, so he IS an old man.  Ha!

Mom ordered a couple of T-shirts for her and Jamie.  Both are black (I can see black) and Mom’s has a Pitbull on it and the word, “Misunderstood”.  Jamie’s has bright lettering and says, “Don’t judge my Pitbull and I won’t judge your children”.  I knew Jamie would get that shirt!  He’s forever commenting on whiny, screaming kids.  He really IS an old man!

Woof!  Love, Maggie




6 thoughts on “8/13/13 Just Blogging 2

  1. cb

    Oh no, I changed his name from Rolf to Wolf. I hope this doesn’t upset you. I think Wolf is better than Rolf. Rolf sounds like something a dog would do after eating an entire bag of bown sugar and an entire bag of flour (not that I ever had a doggie do that).

    You seem to be liking the Day 42 story in reverse order, I hope that you aren’t reading it reverse order.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Oh, Wolf is a fine name. Actually, I’ve read the entire story so far, that was just the one episode I commented on. My computer has been acting funny and sometimes, I will “like” something and it doesn’t show up. I must admit, I wasn’t happy about the Border Collie incident on the beach. However, I understand that it sets the stage for Rolf…er, Wolf, to make an entrance, at least that’s how I’m taking it. I also really like MAN. Anyone with that much attitude must’ve been a Pitbull in a former life. I’m really enjoying the story. I love action! Woof! (tail wag) Love, Maggie

    2. maggie0019 Post author

      Did you by chance read my post, “The Spice Cabinet” – ?? I did learn how to open it and did eat most of the contents, including sugar and flour and nuts. Lots of nuts. Wasn’t too crazy about the chili mix but the turkey gravy powder was good. I hope to read another chapter of your work very soon!

      1. cb

        I fibbed, I had two doggies who did exactly that. And then to cover up the brown sugar and flour mess on the carpet, they peed on it. :- o

      2. maggie0019 Post author

        (blushes) I didn’t pee on the carpet, but I’ll tell you…Mom was picking up nuts in the Dog Surprise for about 3 days. Was she ever mad. It’s kinda funny now, tho.

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