8/31/13 Sit, Heel, Wait, Stay!


(Me, pooped in the back of Zeus!)

You’ve got to give me credit for sticking with this Obedience School.  Today, when we were “finishing”, I got so confused, I started crying.

First, I had to “sit”.  Then I had to “wait” while Mom stepped in front of me, getting a distance between us to the end of the leash (5 feet).  From “sit”, I then had to walk up to Mom and “sit” in front of her.  This is where “finishing” comes in:  After I am told to “stay”, Mom wraps the leash around her body from right to left, steps back with her right foot while telling me to “heel” (my command to move), Mom then walks forward, makes me walk around behind her from right to left, and makes me “sit” on her left side.  Then we “heel out” and the exercise is over.

If all those directions have your eyes rolling, imagine how I felt!  The second time through the exercise, I just sat in front of Mom and cried.  Mom felt awful, but the instructors came around and – you guessed it – yanked my chain until I cooperated.

It was so hot in there and it was storming outside, too!  All I wanted to do was lie down and pant.  As a matter of fact, my tongue was lolling out most of the time we were there, but I didn’t take a drink out of the communal water bowls.

Back in Zeus and on the way home, Mom said we have a lot of practicing to do, because it is only two weeks until graduation and she wants to make sure I pass.  When I do, I will get a certificate and a ribbon.  The certificate is important, because breeds like mine have a lot of prejudice and preconceived notions about them, and it is good to be able to prove that your dog is trained.  I will welcome the day when my kind is not looked down on just for being. 

Then Mom said we will probably move on to Advanced Training…oh no!!!

Woof!  Love, Maggie

8 thoughts on “8/31/13 Sit, Heel, Wait, Stay!

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Hopefully, Advanced Training will be better in the Fall when it’s not so hot! Right now, the dog hair is rolling around like tumbleweeds in that place! Woof!

  1. Conrad (The Wine Wankers)

    I hate being told what to do too! My wife put me in obedience school and apparently she’s much happier with me now because I follow orders better. Makes life for both of us much easier, and the treats she gives me have improved immensely. The trick is, just wait until she’s not looking!

  2. weggieboy

    It’ll all make sense soon enough, Maggie! And I KNOW you will love hearing your humans tell you over and over “Good girl!” (Of course, they know you are a good girl, but you are working on becoming a better good girl, not a garden variety good girl!)


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