9/3/13 Indestructible Toys


(Mom wants me to tell you, this is not carpet, just an area rug.)

I have to admit, I had a bit of a bottle rocket up my…tail today.  I have been sleeping so well on the human bed that I get up an have LOTS of energy.   I took off like the Hairy Bullet and torpedoed off Mom’s jewelry box, knocking over her entire shrine to Ganesh, (Mom likes to meditate, when I let her) breaking his trunk and one of his arms.  Mom was none too pleased, but managed to Super Glue everything together so you can’t notice the damage.  Once I had finished wreaking havoc in her room, it was off to the rest of the house.

Shoot down the stairs and through the living room!  Over went the big torch lamp.  Crash!  Luckily, Mom put the plastic one closest to the traffic or that could have been messy.  Then  on to my new chew toy.

Mom bought me an “indestructible” chew toy.  It’s a little Nerf football on two thick twines of rope, for tug-o-war.  I’ve had it a day or two, and I like it.  Excuse me, liked it.

First order of business:  shred all the rope so that I look like I’m covered in hair extensions.  Check!  Rip small shreds of rope and strew them all about the house on the freshly-vacuumed floor.  Check!  Get a strand caught in my bottom tooth, hanging out of my mouth, so that it looks like I am growing a beard.  Check, check, double check!

Next up:  rip the sides of the rope out of the football.  Done!  Now, chew the football and pull out all the stuffing!  Touchdown!!

As I mentioned, I liked the indestructible toy.  It was nice while it lasted!

Woof!  Love, Maggie

7 thoughts on “9/3/13 Indestructible Toys

  1. weggieboy

    The important thing is you had fun! The cat toy I bought for my cats for their second birthday is advertised as “will last for years”! Well, let’s just say they enjoy the toy, but it’s a good thing I accidentally ordered more than one of them. The second one is doing a little better, but the boys truly prefer toys they find or make themselves, like a paper towel tube. Now that’s great play!

  2. Run A Muck Ranch

    If you do actually find an ‘indestructible’ toy, please share! T’would be nice to have a toy last longer than a few minutes…


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