9/21/13 Advanced Training

I got my first taste of Advanced Training.  Hoo-boy, I’m in for a rough ride and so is Mom.

I’ve mentioned before about the chain-popping.  The instructor explained this concept to Mom as not so much to choke the dogs, but because we don’t like the noise it makes.  However, I have quite the lively personality and I’m quite strong, so some of the chain-popping was getting a bit tight.  So they put me in a prong collar, which the instructors say is very common way of training larger, stronger dogs.

The prongs are not sharp, and the collar looks quite fearsome, but what it does is exert pressure on the neck so there is actually less chain-popping and yanking and more like giving little tugs.  Little tug + little bit of pressure = dog more likely to listen to command.  So overall, although the collar looks worse, it’s probably better for me than all the popping.

Not that I like it, though.  I had a hard time minding my own business and keeping my eyes on my own paper during school.  There were only three dogs in the class with me included, so we dogs got a lot of individual attention.

We practiced moves that we learned in Basic Obedience, and a few new things; like having our humans sit in a chair while we sat next to them, then our people moved to the back wall and we had to stay seated.  Let me tell you, it’s hard not to get up and follow!  Then we had a U-turn “finish” that is similar to the “finishing” we had in Basic.

We also had to do “figure 8s” around the other dogs.  I had my turn sitting on the big Box that is in the middle of the arena.


Here is a picture of the prong collar.  I only have to wear it when I’m supervised and training:


Yikes!  Just don’t call me “spike”!  It looks a lot worse than it is.  Next week we will do more of the same plus a few more new things.  Practice makes perfect!  I know I can do this.  After school next week, Max with the Aussie Pet Mobile is coming to give me another bath.  It’s a nice reward for studying hard!

Woof!  Love, Maggie



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