10/7/13 Weather Updates and Apple Picking

We had a blast of hot air last week, like the final gasping of Summer.  Standing out in the backyard, I felt as though I was in the house in front of the open oven door.  The humidity clung like a moist blanket and I itched like crazy.  Then the sky turned green and black and the rains came, hard and unrelenting. 

Dad and Mom had put these three skulls out on the walkway, and every time the rain thundered down on their bony little heads, they lit up and made an assortment of scary noises.  “Muahahaha!”  “Help me!” and other assorted moaning and wailing, accompanied by their hollow eye sockets lighting up, and complete with shocking electrical noises.

“Look at those skulls go!” Jamie laughed from the window.  Mom said it was fortunate there was so much thunder, because the sound would drive the neighbors nuts.  I could hear it though, and I gave her a Look.

The next day the rain dried up and the weather turned sunny but cold.  I was shivering in the backyard – haven’t got my winter coat in yet.  Brrrr!

The humans went this weekend for some apple picking.  Jamie is somewhat camouflaged:


But Dad is right out in the open:


And you know what fresh apples mean!  Apple Pie from Mom!

Woof!  Love, Maggie


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