10/8/13 The Therapy Dog

Today, I had my first session as a Real Life Therapy Dog.  And I must say, it was wonderful!

Mom has a friend who lives about a mile away; I will call her Mrs. F.  This woman is only 61 but has had a number of health issues.  She has Type 1 diabetes, which robbed her of one eye and the hearing in one ear.  She has had a kidney transplant and open-heart surgery.  She fell twice in the last two years, breaking her hip and causing her to have limited mobility.  She suffered a stroke about a year and a half ago.  Last week, she had fluid buildup in her lungs and was hospitalized. 

Mrs. F. came home from the hospital Sunday.  Today, Mom took me on a “therapy visit”.  She brought Mrs. F. a bouquet of flowers and – me!  We visited outside, on the front porch, in the sunshine.  Mom put the prong collar on me so that she only had to tug gently and I would not jump.  It would be very bad if I jumped on Mrs. F. so, I sat like a good girl, and gave lots of tail wags and kisses, then lay down on the cool cement, patiently.  Mrs. F. was delighted with me, and pet me, and told me I was good, and beautiful, and a nice size.  Mrs. F. complimented on how well I behaved and said that it was lovely to see a Pitbull as a therapy dog.  She laughed that I have one black spot on my tail and sat in the sunshine and took off her jacket.  We enjoyed the breeze and the birds singing.  When we left, I felt great.  I know I made Mrs. F.’s day.

Mom took me over to Jamie’s school and put me through my paces on the lawn of the church.  But first, she let me take a nice long sniff around.  She said I deserved it.

I know now that I will try harder in Obedience School because I want to be a licensed Therapy Dog and go to the hospital and nursing homes.  I want to make people like Mrs. F. smile, even for just a little bit.  I want to be the four-legged sunshine.

Woof!  Love, Maggie


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