10/16/13 Homeland Security

I’ve taken to patrolling the house and barking at things.  I take this job very seriously; Homeland Security, that is.

Today I saved Mom from a huge flying insect that somehow, despite the cooler temperatures, flew into the house and settled on the bottom pane of the middle dining room window.  Hackles raised, I barked and barked til Mom came and killed it.  When she went for a tissue to pick it up, I had already eaten it.  Burp!

Other Homeland Security instances:

*Lying on the bed with Mom, getting a pre-sleep belly rub.  Dad emerges from the bathroom and I set up a frenzy of barking at his silhouette in the doorway.  Have to protect Mom at all costs!

*Neighbor getting out of car.  Woof, woof, woof!

*Mailman.  Ditto.

*Leaf blowing across the lawn.  (snort through nostrils) Huff!  Woof!

Probably my prime moment, though, was when Mom went to the store and I was in charge of watching Jamie.  I jumped up to the dining room table (yes, I stood on it with all four paws) and barked at shadows from the streetlights.  (Now, with a tip o’ the hat to Weggieboy’s Persians…imagine cats on the table.  Then imagine a 55-lb. Pitbull.) 

Jamie honestly didn’t know what to do; laugh, call Mom, shoo me off the table and risk further scratches, or put me in the crate, so when he said, “Crate” I started barking at him.

Yes, sirree, this Homeland Security is a big job and I always have to be on high alert.

But now, I think I’ll take a nap in my favorite chair.

Woof!  Love, Maggie


(Can I sniff your Security Clearance?)


5 thoughts on “10/16/13 Homeland Security

  1. Emy Wilhelm

    Hi Maggie. Thanks for visiting my blog. It is good to connect with other animal lovers. Your doggie persona is seriously cute. All the best :).

  2. weggieboy

    I love your new sleeping doggy photo, Maggy. It looks like you know a great sleeping chair when you curl up in one!

    My kitties, Andy and Dougy, don’t make noise, but they hunt down and dispatch spiders, millers, and flies in my home, a much appreciated service! People who don’t have the joy of a doggy or kitty just don’t know what they are missing, eh?!


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