10/16/13 Vandalism!!!

So I heard the most disturbing story today while I was out walking with Laurel.  We had stopped by our neighbor dog’s house en route to the horse stables, and the man who lives there told us that his home had been struck by vandals!  Apparently, a group of individuals threw rocks at both his and his daughter-in-law’s cars, damaging them both.  They also smashed their Halloween pumpkins and smeared them all over!

His neighbor across the street had his pool cover ripped open, all his patio furniture thrown into the pool, and – worst of all – the hose turned on and put in their window-wells.  These are relatively new people to the neighborhood. What a terrible welcome!

Allegedly, these same vandals also struck the nearby elementary school, throwing the trash bins through the windows of the Science Lab and strewing the walkway with trash and fecal matter.  Hopefully, they have been caught on camera.

Mom is REALLY grateful that I’ve gotten so “barky” lately, what with me taking my Homeland Security job so seriously.  These vandalism incidents happened a block away from our house!  Buddy2Blogger (Sherlockian’s Blog) reminded us today to keep pets indoors on Halloween, as they are targets for tricksters.  With the “pranking” already starting in my ‘hood, this is sound advice!I’m on window patrol, watching and listening.  Homeland Security is my top priority!  Woof!!!  (Grrrrrrrowl!)Love, Maggie

4 thoughts on “10/16/13 Vandalism!!!

  1. Jules

    So very sad that something like this can happen in our neighborhood. I hope the police will be on the lookout and assign extra patrol cars to the area and catch these idiots and then prosecute them to the max!

  2. weggieboy

    My cats are both smoke Persians. Most people look at them and see them as black cats, though their coloration is much more varied and subtle than that, with shades of grey highlights.

    They are quite handsome! However, because they are “black”, I never let them go outside.

    People don’t need Halloween to harm black cats, and some make a practice of harming them anyway, simply because they hate animals. Or maybe because they hate themselves so much they are hurt mentally, so take that hurt out on harmless and defenseless animals.

    Anyway, I totally agree: KEEP YOUR FUZZY FRIENDS INSIDE DURING THE HALLOWEEN SEASON! Strangers don’t know they are much loved companions of other people or, sadly, they just don’t care.

    Thanks for passing on the message.


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