11/29/13 Black Friday

(Maggie is at the kennel until Saturday.  Mom is writing in her absence.)

So, today was Black Friday.  I am really not into the “crowded shopping” scene, so, since Mags was out and Jim took the day off, we decided to hike an hour out to a more rural area and hunt down the perfect Christmas tree.

Cupola’s Tree Farm is a lovely, family-owned, Christmas tree farm.  The trees are re-planted every year, and there’s no plastic tree to toss in the trash when it gets broken or stops working.  At one time, we had a huge, spinning, pre-lit Martha Stewart tree that lasted one season, then croaked, and it weighed about 500 pounds.  Hauling it out to the curb was a nightmare, and I felt guilty.  So we decided to do real trees as of last year.  We discovered Cupola’s after a newspaper write-up.  Talk about nice people!

Here are my guys, scouting out the trees:


Jamie’s looking a bit non-committal.  But in the end, we decided it was the right one!


All smiles after a successful tree chopping (sawing, actually)!

And of course, the finished product:


If you look in the middle of the Christmas tree, you’ll see a blue train-engine ornament.  Jamie loves trains!  He is an avid model railroad enthusiast and would probably have a mile-long layout if we had the room.  As it is, his train table is simple.  He would like to build a small track around the tree.  I wonder how Maggie will like it?

I’m excited an anxious for Maggie to come home tomorrow.  This year will be our first Christmas together, and her first Christmas in a real home.  I wonder how she will be with the tree and the other decorations? I wonder if she will bark when she hears Santa and the reindeer on the roof of the house?  (smile)

I love the period of time before Christmas.  I love all the preparations, the lights, the music, and the thoughtfulness of the time before the winter holiday season (whatever religion you may be).  I especially love doing things like baking cookies and decorating the tree with my family. 

Jamie says this time of year is when people start being nice to each other for a little while.  It is a shame to hear all the bad news about people fighting and getting shot buying presents on Black Friday.  This should be the start of a joyous time for all the right reasons, not a time to fight with each other.  One of Jamie’s favorite Christmas stories is the Christmas Eve in WWI (and again in WWII) when the soldiers all stopped fighting and sang to each other.  The during this momentary peace, people recognized each other as fellow humans for just a little while.  We should all be so wise, don’t you agree?

Your friend,  Elizabeth



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