12/1/13 The House Smells Like The Forest Preserve

There’s a tree in the dining room.

There are four trees in the living room.

There are tiny trees in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms.

The trees are everywhere, and the house smells like the Forest Preserve but with no joggers.  The trees don’t smell like other dogs, either.

I checked the trees carefully for squirrels.  I thought I’d have one in the bag for sure, but, nope, no squirrels.

The trees are all bright and shiny.  They are festooned with little balls and toys of every kind.  I gently removed one of the balls but it tasted glittery, not bouncy or playful.  I took it carefully over to my dog bed to study it.  But, Mom saw it shining there and hung it back on the tree. I padded over and looked at it.  It made my snout look enormous.  Mom shooed me away from the tree and I slunk back to my bed to think. 

What the heck is going on?  The whole house looks different.

I’d spent a couple of days over by the Alpha Male, Daryl, and from what Mom told me about the kids that were over, I’m really glad that I had some time away. 

I came back and there were some lovely pies and other good-smelling things to eat.  Jamie took a piece of pecan pie and I jumped up and snatched it off the table to try for myself.  Delicious sneak-attack!

I’ve never had a holiday in a real home before.  I’m so curious about everything, from the lights on the trees to the decorations on the lawn.  And let me say it again:  everything smells goooood.

Mom, Dad and Jamie are watching A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  Mom says she loves that story and reads it every year.  Mom’s eyes are bright with tears and Dad’s are, too, but he’s lying about it and saying he has dust in his nose. 

I have to go now, because I want to find out if Tiny Tim will live.

Love, Maggie




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