12/11/13 White Dog In The Snow

Since it’s been bitterly cold out, Mom has been forcing me to wear a coat.  I’ve responded by refusing to go outside, and holding and holding and holding my “p” until I think my bladder is going to burst.  And if you can’t relate to that, try putting your bare behind on the cold, flaky snow, and see how easy it is to do your business!  Woof!

However, today it is a balmy 21 degrees, and the wind isn’t blowing too badly (I hate the blowing wind!!!), and the sun is shining, and I had really been holding it, so she let me out without the coat.

Can you see the white dog in the snow?  Woof!


Keep warm!  Woof!  Love, Maggie


3 thoughts on “12/11/13 White Dog In The Snow

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