12/19/13 Model Trains

Jamie has a thing for models:  model cars, model planes.  But the absolutely, positively, paws-down favorite, is his collection of model trains.  He collects O gauge, and has a layout – kind of like an outcropping – attached to his bedroom wall.  It’s a beginning.  Storage is needed; he also needs more scenery.  But, it’s a start, and he loves it:


Yes, (dogsmile), that’s a Thomas the Tank Engine.  Jamie has some nice vintage trains, one of which was made in the ’40’s and is called the S2 Turbine.  Jamie is very proud of his collection of things from the past:


It kind of makes me feel good to know that younger people are collecting older things, and taking good care of them.  It helps restore my faith in humanity.  Our society has become so disposable:  Use something once or twice, then throw it away.  Pet too much work?  Dump it.  Elderly getting in the way?  Lock ’em up.  I look on this new generation of people with a lot of hope for the future.


I will say, however, that it gives me quite a turn when I am sleeping nicely, and suddenly, I hear clanking, whistling, and “Next stop, Belmont!” coming from upstairs.  It’s almost like “The Polar Express” has shuddered to a stop right in our house!


…But I can’t help to perk up my ears and listen!  Woof!

Love, Maggie



One thought on “12/19/13 Model Trains

  1. farfetchedfriends

    We love the Polar Express around here. One sad year they stopped playing it at Imax during Christmas time. It is THE best movie in 3D!

    Funny Maggie, I was just thinking of the plight of the elderly today and wonder how long nursing homes/assisted living has been in existence. I’m sure it hasn’t been that many decades, and probably coincided with both parents needing to work…because who would watch the elderly if both parents were working? Just sad.


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