1/14/14 …didn’t even say goodbye

Erik left.  He took the little dogs from downstairs and left and didn’t even say goodbye.

This happened because of dog poop.  Erik’s dogs had pooped in the basement.  And I guess they’d been pooping down there for some time.  At least a few days.  The sump pump started making noise (almost all the snow has melted) and the air filter needed changing, so Dad and Mom went downstairs to do some repair work and the poop was everywhere.

Erik came home and Jenny was with him.  Dad started asking Erik about the mess downstairs but Erik said, “Let’s do this”.  (If he was a dog, his hair would have been up and he would have been snarling.)  Dad got angry and then asked Jenny what her parents would think about seeing that big mess downstairs, and Erik really had a fit.  Pretty soon, everyone was yelling and, then Erik slammed the front door so hard that the glass rattled.  Mom told him to “stop making a spectacle of himself” outside but Erik would not listen.

All the while, I stayed in the kitchen by Mom and Dad and watched.  Erik called me “that damn dog” and there was a lot more yelling.

By the next day, Erik was packing up.  Then he was gone.  He didn’t even say goodbye, and the last thing he said to me was that I was a damn dog.

The house is very quiet. 

Woof.  Love, Maggie

8 thoughts on “1/14/14 …didn’t even say goodbye

  1. cb

    I could forgive the little dogs for going in the basement. They might disappear in the snow … but it is irresponsible of Eric not to clean up after them.

    Why are human children so … that way … sometimes? 😦

  2. The Patron Saint of Dogs

    Maggie – I just love you to pieces and want to tell you that most of what happens around you isn’t your fault.

    They didn’t say goodbye because they’ve got issues that have nothing to do with you.

    Humans are strange. They don’t understand loyalty and gratitude and friends for life like us. So when they meet us, they don’t know how to be.

    They weren’t raised in kindness and love like you are now.


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