2/28/14 Riding Around In Cars

I spent a lot of time today riding around in cars.

Dad had to go to a meeting early, so Mom drove Jamie to school.  I hopped into the back of Zeus and off we went!

Normally, I love a ride, and today was no exception.  Until we were on the way home.  See, the winter has been extra-harsh and the roads are full of potholes and buckling.  Mr. Salt hasn’t helped any either, with road conditions.  Zeus is small and kind of bumpy in the back seat, and I’d just eaten breakfast and so…you guessed it.  Mom was thanking God that she’d had the wisdom to buy those car seat covers.  Urp!

When it was time to pick Jamie up from school, Mom drove very carefully and made sure I got a little mini-walk in.  I thought I was done with cars until Dad came home.

I saw everyone putting their coats on, and figured it was time for the crate.  So I slunk under the table with my most pathetic expression, but Mom called me out from under there.  I didn’t know where we were going and I was very surprised when Mom gave me a hind-quarters up into Dad’s van (I’m still not quite on my game since the boarding incident).  Soon we were rolling down the road and I have got to say, the van is a lot more stable and comfy, even if I have to share the back seat with Jamie.

We went to a place with brightly-lit arches called, “McDonald’s” and everyone got ice cream, except for Mom, who got yogurt (because she says she’s “in training”, but training for what, I don’t know; she’s already house-trained).  Mom got me a vanilla ice cream cone and put it in a little plastic bowl for me to eat it.  Oh.  My.  Human ice cream is nothing like the dog ice cream.  Mmmm-mmm it was so sweet and the cone so savory!  I gobbled it down with joy:


Afterwards, Mom told Dad to drive home carefully (he is always careful) so that I wouldn’t hurk up frozen moo juice all over the back seat, even though it was Dad’s car and not hers. 

I curled up next to Jamie and he put his arm around me, and I just enjoyed the ride.

May your travels be pleasant and your ice cream be cold!

Woof!  Love, Maggie

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