4/7/14 Yard Work

Yesterday, I helped the family do yard work outside.  I was delighted to be out in the sun, with a warm breeze finally blowing, instead of that stiff cold wind up my tail. 

Way out back on Breed’s Hill, I found a lovely stick that was just my size and to my liking:


Joyfully, I ran and ran with that stick.  Parts of the yard were a little muddy and I got some mud splatters on my tummy and thighs, but I didn’t care; I ran with the sheer happiness of the day, the sun, and my family all around me. 

We worked for a long time outside, and when I got in, I went straight for my chair before Mom could give me a rub down:


Ahhhh!  Time to relax.  Woof!  (dogsmile)

4 thoughts on “4/7/14 Yard Work

  1. Jules

    Happiness is a big stick to run with in the sun! Enjoy the outdoors but please leave the “stripped kitty” alone. Stick with chasing the squirrels!!!!!!


  2. weggieboy

    My cat boys got to enjoy an open window by their favorite rose bush, the one where the house sparrows hang out, thanks to a lovely, warmish spring day yesterday. Every time I wanted to find one or the other cat, that’s where I knew to go! It was great having fresh air in the house, too. Knowing how we were here, I can imagine what fun it was for you finding that wonderful Maggie-sized stick, too!


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