7/6/14 Trying a post from tablet

It hasn’t been good blogging here at Maggie’s Blog. Computer issues, power outages and tornado scares. However, the skies cleared today and we went for a walk in the woods.

This outing lasted approximately 15 minutes Human Standard Time as we were besieged by clouds of mosquitoes due to all the heavy rains!  Off! brand repellent did not work.  Fortunately, I had taken my heartworm medication.  Mom looked like she was having a seizure, swatting bugs off herself and me.  Finally, after she got bit on the lip – Mom said, “enough!” and back to the van we went.

I did not get bitten, but Mom’s lip swelled as if Dad had popped her one.

This is a test from my tablet.  It’s nice to be back!  But I still can’t do pix.

Love, Maggie


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