7/16/14 #2: Shoulder Subluxation

Mom piled me gently into little Zeus and off we put-putted to see the Vet.  We saw Dr. Ben this time at Oak Forest Animal Clinic.  Mom thought I had twisted my “ankle” on the stairs last night and that is why I was limping.  I wasn’t better today so she took me in early.  She had talked to another Vet, Dr. Megan, on the phone last night and she had said if I wasn’t walking better to come on in.  Even though I was hurting, I was still excited to ride in the car.

Dr. Ben did not have me put on the big metal table.  He and an assistant took me in the back where he manipulated my joints.  When he came to my left shoulder, he heard a loud, “CRACK!” and I was uncomfortable (but I did not cry).  He said, “Mmm-hmm” and gave me a shot in the butt. 

Dr. Ben brought me back in the room to Mom and he had a big book.  My shoulder was feeling better and I was excited to be at the Vet.  Dr. Ben showed Mom some pictures in the book and explained that, in a muscular dog like me, the shoulder can heal with NSAIDs (Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) and homeopathic medications.  He gave Mom a large can and a little bottle.  He said the large can was filled with homeopathic treats that had fish oil and other things that were good for joints in them.  The little bottle is an NSAID that Mom has to squirt in my mouth every night.  But not tonight, because I already got a good shot of them (in the butt).  Dr. Ben said he had been speaking with Dr. W. and they feel my coat looks better than it ever has.  Dr. Ben said that whatever Mom is doing, to keep on doing it!

Prognosis is good, Dr. does not feel I will need surgery – he says 95% of the time this injury will heal using the method he has prescribed.  But a lot is up to me, because Dr. Ben does not want any hairy bullet behavior, no running fast or jumping, no “stopping on a dime”.  So for a while, the game of “Gimme Dat” is going to have to wait!

Woof!  Love, Maggie


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