7/21/14 Muzzled!

Mom and Jamie took a trip to the Chicago Ridge Humane Society, where I was adopted from.  The humans had received a newsletter indicating that “puppy and kitten season was in full swing” and there was a desperate need for puppy-and-kitten Mother’s Milk replacement formula. 

Jamie thought it would be nice if I came along for the ride to my ol’ stomping grounds.  Mom agreed.  She brushed me, put my two obedience collars on, and tied a bright bandanna around my neck.  Mom was a little worried about the back seat of the car, since Dad had just installed seat covers (Mom says the pattern looks like the poncho Clint Eastwood wore in, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” – but, whatever!)  So, she put a blanket down in Zeus for even more protection.  Mom was also worried I might snap at some other dogs.  “Maybe we should pick her up a muzzle,” Mom said.  Quickly I rumpled up the blanket and shoved it on the floor.  Mom looked in the rear view mirror at me and sighed loudly.

First stop was the pet store for formula.  The humans also picked up a large bag of dry Puppy Food and “buy 2 get 1 free” boxes of dog treats.  They also got an extra-big box.  I looked hungrily at the treats, but only got one from the cashier lady.

While we were there, Mom and Jamie picked me up a new bed and crate liner.  There were lots of dogs at the pet store, and Mom told Jamie to keep me on the “tight leash” because she didn’t trust me.  But since I was OK, she didn’t get the muzzle.

We left the pet store and went bumpity-bump in Zeus over to the Animal Shelter.  All the people there were pleased to see me, and they were so very grateful for the goods we had brought.

Dogs and cats were everywhere and if I thought I was on a tight leash at the pet store, that was NOTHING compared to the tight leash at the shelter!  But I behaved pretty well.  I still gave those barking yappers “the eye”, though.

Mom and Jamie both noticed a good-looking, male American Staffordshire Terrier that was about my size, and white like me.  He had a big black spot all over his eye.  Both Mom and Jamie’s hearts started to melt and they asked if he could be brought outside for a sniff n’ greet, to see if I would tolerate him.  I was close to getting a brother!

We walked out into the sunshine and Mom put me at “sit”.  Jamie sat with his eyes closed, his hands clenched, and his head bowed in silent prayer.  Soon, the dog came out and the volunteer told Mom, “Can you keep your dog on a tight leash, please, until we see how they act?”  And if I thought I was on a tight leash before at the shelter, that was NOTHING compared to how tight that leash got outside. 

Mom kept her eyes firmly on my head as she felt the tension growing.  I sniffed noses with the strange male and sniffed his behind.  He was very friendly and wanted to play.  That’s when I raised up all my hair on my back and lunged for him with a loud, “WOOF!”  that had nothing to do with playtime.  Mom was ready though, because she had seen my ears go back.  Waaaaay back.

“No,” said the animal shelter volunteer, and he wheeled around and took the male dog away without so much as another word.  Everyone sitting around outside of the shelter laughed at me and said, “She wants to be an only child, that is for sure!”

Mom was crushed.  Jamie was beyond heartbroken.  Mom said I had behaved badly, and didn’t I know a companion would be good for me?  She put me and Jamie in the car and went back inside and made a monetary donation, hoping some of the funds would find their way to that dog she and Jamie had wanted so badly.

Jamie was so sad.  Mom consoled him on the way home by saying, “Look at all the good work we did today.  The kittens and puppies will have food, and the bigger dogs will have treats.”

I was put out and angry, so I threw up twice on the back seat.  But I waited until we almost got home.

Mom went out that night and got the muzzle.  She says I have to wear it on walks and anytime I might be around another animal.  Although I hate the muzzle, I guess Mom is right.  And I’m still an only child.

Woof!  Love, Maggie


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