7/22/14 Space Golf


I had to spend some time in the crate while Mom, Jamie, Erik, and Jenny played miniature golf at Space Golf in Orland Park.  It was really hot, so I didn’t mind staying in the cool A/C too much.

Jamie took the above pic as a shout-out to CB at Contrafactual: (http://www.contrafactual.wordpress.com) – hope I got that link right!  Erik says, “Make sure I don’t go there in October, I’m afraid of zombies!”  CB, come on up and we’ll play 18 holes and run from the undead!

Mom says the Space Golf was really cool.  The whole thing was black-lit and the golfers wore 3D glasses to heighten the effect of alien arms, crazy spinning lights, flying saucers, robots, and the like.  There were a lot of “Mars Attacks”-like aliens with cackling mouths and brains visible.  Mom says one of the cool special effects were the lines painted on the floor.  Because they were fluorescent, it looked like there were stairs when in fact, it was a flat floor.  Everyone kept poking their toes over the line, “Step, or no step?”  Overall, the humans gave it a 2 thumbs up for a good time and no mosquitoes!  Fore!

When it got a little cooler, I basked in the sunlight.  But not too much, since I am sunburn prone:sunprofile

We are due for storms again soon, so stay safe everybody, hope the weather is nice where you are, and, as always, thanks for reading!  Woof!  Love, Maggie





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