7/29/14 I’m Baaaack!

Well.  The humans had their little “romp” out of town, and I went to Canine Obedience College for some training and boarding.  This time, the Alpha Male was not there, but the Alpha Female was.

We went through the usual 6:30 a.m. feeding, training, commands, etc. etc.  When Mom and Jamie came to pick me up tonight, I was sound asleep at the Alpha Female’s feet.  I didn’t even hear Mom and Jamie talking (about me!) until the Alpha Female called, “Maggie!  Mommy’s here!”

I was delighted to see my humans.  My humans seemed delighted not only to see me, but they realize that I realize when they board me, they are coming back.  I am always in good hands, but I know my people are returning.

First order of business when I came home:  drink water.  Second, do “business”.  Third, pounce on my chair.  Fourth, get dragged off said chair upstairs, for a bath (“Phew!  Stinky girl has been running around outside!”) 

Finally, write this, then curl up to sleep. I’d take a “selfie”, but I’m naked without my collar.

Woof!  Love, Maggie

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