8/4/14 Naughty Today

My allergies are really pestering me, so I’ve been feeling very naughty today. 

Mom put my medications in my food, and I pretended not to see her doing it, and she pretended not to see me watching her.  I ate the food anyway but left one pill behind.  Mom quickly concealed it in a treat and gave it to me.  I ate it.

However, until my meds kicked in, I was feeling frisky.  I stole one of Mom’s favorite shoes and wrestled Jamie for it.  I think Mom needs a new pair of shoes now:


After the shoe incident, and seeing how nothing really happened because of it (Mom says she is being, “patient” because she knows I am itching), I decided to go after Mom’s Pitbull blanket that she has on the couch.  Never mind I have the exact blanket with a different design on my chair.  I wanted hers

Once Mom got the blanket away from me, she popped me in the crate for a five minute cool down.  I cried the whole time.  Mom hoped the meds were kicking in and let me out.  I immediately ran for the basket of outdoor supplies and began energetically rummaging through it.

This time Mom was angry and put me at the “down” position.  Then she told me to “stay”.  After I breathed out all my energy, Mom let me get up.  By now my medicine is working and I am feeling better.  I am back on my chair and taking it easy, the itching gone, and feeling relieved.

Woof!  Love, Maggie the Mischievous




2 thoughts on “8/4/14 Naughty Today

  1. mykulmitch

    This is a great post, I loved it. Luckily my dog doesn’t chew up anything, but he does like to find some sort of food in the house. He really loves gum! Haha
    Thanks for sharing.



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