8/8/14 Mom Blogs: Batman, and Role Models

I loved Batman as a kid.  And I love Batman as an adult.  To me, The Batman is a role model.  I could think of worse.  My husband however, thinks I am nuts.  Erik and Jamie both are Bat-fans, and Jamie tells me the Bat Symbol is the unilateral symbol of coolness.  (Obviously, I have reared my children well.) 

Jim laughs at me and tells me that “Batman isn’t real” but I tell him that to me, the spirit of The Batman is very real and lives in all of us.  I don’t think he “gets” it.  Here’s how I think of it:

The Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, doesn’t have any super powers.  Oh sure, it helps that he is mega-rich so that he gets “those wonderful toys” as the Joker would say.  But the bottom line is, Batman uses his brain, has trained himself in various combat arts, and just plain struggles with himself to do the right thing every day (er, night). 

Fiction?  Or not?  Doesn’t that spirit live on in all of us?  We’ve all lost our opportunity to have “powers” like Superman, Spiderman, Aquaman, and so on.  It’s up to us to be The Batman, and do our level best, each and every day.  From our efforts – which are sometimes “superhuman”, comes the “superpowers”.  The power to make a difference.  True, Batman is a bit unconventional, and a tad dramatic, but in my experience, the best people are.

Ironically, one of my favorite Batman artists, Jim Aparo, passed away 9 years ago on my birthday.  Here is a sample of one of his drawings:


My husband asked me if that didn’t make me feel sad.  I said no, it made me feel a sense of closeness with the artist I admired.  Like maybe we had a couple of things in common.  Perhaps that’s a bit of an unconventional way of looking at things..but…well, you know. 

Thanks, Mr. Aparo, for all the years of wonderful artwork.

Your friend,


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