8/16/14 Guest blogger: Mom “Dalek Under Construction”

It’s a bit early to be thinking about Halloween, but if you want a complex costume, this is probably a good time to start working.

I’m really proud of my kids Erik and Jamie for jumping in there and building a Dalek costume for Jamie.  Jamie’s been talking about doing one for years.  The fact that his older brother came all the way over just to take him supply shopping for the costume and help with the building warms my heart.

The Dalek is still under construction.  Here are a few pictures of their progress.

This was the model they worked from:


Here is the head so far:


And here is the body as of now:


(note the little Dalek on the counter, watching the proceedings!)

The costume is made of foam and cardboard.  It is very light weight.  The boys basically went to Hobby Lobby, looked around, and “winged it”.  I think the head looks really good.  I was pleasantly surprised at the results so far and their combined creative genius.

I had them spray paint in the big side yard next to the woods.  That way, Maggie (who was constantly underfoot, and wanted to sit on the foam) wouldn’t end up with a gold racing stripe down her back.

I will post more pix as work progresses, and of course, the end result.  I wonder if Erik will dress like Dr. Who to accompany Jamie?

Your friend,



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