8/19/14 The Marshmallow Catapult

Let me begin by saying I’m not the biggest marshmallow girl.  When my humans have bonfires, they usually toss me a raw one and I’ll mess around with it, but that’s about all.

However.  When Jamie was at Renaissance Faire, he picked up a cool catapult for Nerf bullets and mini-marshmallows.  This, I like!  He got the catapult from “Siege the Day” (www.siegetheday10@gmail.com).  It’s all hand made and cool and stuff:


Here, he has a Nerf bullet in it.  I’ll chase those, but I really am interested in the mini-marshmallows:


(Now, that has my attention!)

When Jamie shoots the mini-marshmallows, I chase them and gobble them up.  Except for the yellow ones.  I don’t like those.


Sniff, sniff!  Smells good! 

Woof!  Love, Maggie

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