8/22/14 That Darn Rabbit

I knew I saw the rabbit in the back yard.  I saw him when I was looking out of the window.


I danced by the back door and Mom limped over and let me out.  I ran straight to the (weeds) vegetable garden.  We’ve got two sorry tomatoes and a pepper.  I sniffed around for the rabbit.  Aha!  I found him, next to what used to be lettuce.

Quickly I gave chase, but he ran under the fence.  Foiled again!  That darn rabbit!  I’ll show him…I was preparing to duck under the fence after him.  Just then, Jamie came running out of the house, hollering and waving his arms, for me to leave the rabbit alone.  I tried to tell him I was just protecting the (sad) tomatoes, but he wouldn’t listen.  Kids today!

So I went into the house and sulked.


I’ll get that rabbit, someday….

Woof!  Love, Maggie



4 thoughts on “8/22/14 That Darn Rabbit

  1. weggieboy

    My cats get excited when they are looking out the window and see a bunny that hops around our place. Perhaps they dream of the African savannah and pulling down the Impala, but see the bunny as more their speed. It’s hard to tell what’s going on in those fuzzy little heads sometimes, though their twitching tails and “The Look” (you can see it in their eyes, even if it’s just a fly they’re after…!) hint at bigger things!


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