8/30/14 Building the Dalek, Pt. 2

Erik came over and helped Jamie with the Dalek costume for Halloween.  The costume is getting quite big, and it is on wheels.  One of Mom’s roll-able closet racks collapsed and Jamie asked if he could cannibalize parts for the Dalek.  So now it moves!

The humans had to do a lot of work while seated on the floor.  I really tried to help by licking faces and ears and sitting on the cardboard parts.  However, Erik shooed me out of the kitchen after a near-miss with both the box cutter and the hot glue gun.

I did learn a new trick featuring passive resistance.  When Erik kicked me out of the kitchen, I thought Jamie put the leash on me to put me in the crate (he was actually trying to lead me to my chair).  So, I splayed out all my feet and put my belly to the ground.  I looked quite the sight as he dragged me across the ceramic floor!  I got up and walked when I figured out that I wasn’t crate-bound.

Here is the progress so far:





I am looking forward to seeing how the end product looks!  Although, truth be told, I will probably bark at it, like I bark at Vacuum Cleaner.  Woof!

Love, Maggie





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