9/3/14 Just Woofing Around

I tried to post yesterday, but in the middle of it, POW!  All the lights went out.  So here I am again, hoping for better results this time.

Mom had her MRI.  She took a Funny Pill before she went, and when she came home from the hospital, was a little sleepy.  Other than that she said, “It didn’t make a dent!” Whatever that means!  But she said the nice lady tucked her in and put her in the machine feet first, so her head was sticking out, and that was OK.  I kind of know how Mom feels about sticking her head into the machine, because I feel that way when I have to wear my muzzle.  Woof!

Jamie is sick with brown-chitis.  We always say brown-chitis thanks to Mr. James Herriot, who described it perfectly in one of his stories.  So Jamie is hacking away.

Speaking of Jamie, he has joined “Irish Music Club” at school so that he can learn to play the bagpipes.  Mom is cackling with joy and rubbing her hands together at this, because we have an arsehole neighbor who is constantly blasting “classic rock” to the point that we can’t open the windows.  Jamie has to learn the tin whistle first, then on to the pipes.  Mom says she can’t wait for the day Jamie has to practice bagpipes, because she is definitely sending him out in the backyard to “entertain the neighbor like he entertains us”.  Top o’ the morning to you!  Woof!

Other than that…no new news.  Just woofing around.  You know, rumpled up the rug and shredded some napkins out of the trash…just my usual stuff.

Til next time!  Woof!

Love, Maggie


10 thoughts on “9/3/14 Just Woofing Around

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Woof! I have plenty of Nylabones, “indestructible” toys and the like…but nothing is so fun as raiding the garbage for stuff I’m not supposed to have! hee hee hee

  1. weggieboy

    Reminds me of the 1950s teen expression my older siblings used a lot: “You ain’t just woofin’!” I have no doubt your neighbor will appreciate Jamie’s new interest, especially during the early stages where he still has to learn how to “quack” out a melody on it! Let’s hope he finds he has a real talent for bagpipe, and that he enjoys sharing his talents with your neighbor, too!

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Woof! We’ve read all his works. And one day, the humans plan on taking the “Yorkshire Dales” tour! When they let you recline the seats on the plane, of course…


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