9/9/14 Mom’s hurting

Mom’s hurting right now, so I have been very careful to take good care of her and watch over her.  Not only is her left leg paining her (she doesn’t know when the ortho doc is going to call; the VA moves slow, as  you may have heard) but yesterday she popped her left shoulder out of place and it’s taking a while for the residual soreness to go away.

Mom says she’s a “bad luck Chuck” right now.  She also says, “At least it’s all on one side!”

Jamie got his tin whistle (that’s practice, before bagpipes) and has been tootling around the back yard while Mom giggles like a madman.  I took my chewbone and high-tailed it upstairs! I wasn’t sure such noises were possible.

So, things are OK here right now, just taking it a little easy for a day or two.

Woof!  Love, Maggie

4 thoughts on “9/9/14 Mom’s hurting

  1. Kheleya Fahrmann

    Maggie, you take good care of Mom so she can still work the can opener, because, as you know, can openers are very important magical devices in a dog’s life. And I do hope your sharp doggy ears don’t hurt too much from the beginner tin whistle playing.


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