9/17/14 Update on Mom (A little bit graphic)

Hi all, Maggie here.  I’ve been guarding Mom constantly since she has mostly been in bed.  I don’t mind saying I enjoy my time on the human bed, but with Mom being sick, it’s not the same.

Mom asked me to share what happened and this is how it went.  On 9/11, Mom had what she called a “spot”.  She called a certain VA clinic in the area, and at that time was transferred to the “advice nurse” at a certain VA hospital.  The bottom line of this was the nurse told Mom if she got worse to call the doctor back.  In the evening, Mom started to bleed.  Heavily.  She called the local hospital and they told her she needed to discuss this with her doctor and to get in touch with her ASAP.  By now the clinic was closed.  Mom went to bed and put her feet up.  She seemed weak, and I guarded her all night.

At 7:30 a.m. on 9/12, Mom called the clinic and told them it was urgent that she speak to the doctor and why.  They took a message.  When, by 2:00, the doctor had not called, Mom called the VA hospital again to find out the whereabouts of her doctor, and the lady on the phone at that time told Mom, “I ought to slap you for not being in the ER”.  Mom was shocked.

Mom called Erik and asked for him to take her to the ER.  Erik quickly came over. By this time, Mom was really bleeding, dizzy, lightheaded, nauseated, dehydrated, with a migraine headache. Erik knew Mom would not make it an hour to the VA hospital so he took her to the local civilian hospital. I went into the crate with no problem because I knew something was up.

At the hospital, Mom was taken care of immediately. They gave her fluids, medication, and all sorts of tests.  A small fibroid tumor and a small cyst was found. There were other things, too, and the doctor told Mom that cancer was a big concern and that Mom had to follow up with the “lady doctor” ASAP and do not wait.  Since it was the weekend, Mom made the appointment for Monday, thinking the VA might call between Friday night and Monday morning.  But the VA STILL did not call.  So, Mom went to the lady doctor, who was very nice, and tried not to scare Mom, and scheduled something called, “surgery” for October 2.  Mom will find out if she has this cancer thing or not at that time.

In the meantime, Mom stopped the abnormal bleeding after about 5 days.  She is feeling stronger but still has some pain.  She has to go for blood work and pre-op tests, which means I will be spending some more time in the crate.  Everyone has been nice to her and has let her sleep.  I of course, am right there with her.  Mom can count on me.  I am glad Mom is feeling better, and we are all hoping for good news come October 2.  Thank you all for caring for Mom, and I hope this post was not too gory.  Thank you, and Woof! to everybody.

Love, Maggie

PS – the doctor still has not called, and Mom wrote them a very nasty letter.  -M.

12 thoughts on “9/17/14 Update on Mom (A little bit graphic)

  1. Kheleya Fahrmann

    Maggie, thanks for the update. Once everything is resolved, Mom should consider contacting the office of her local member of the House of Representatives, preferably federal rather than state, as well as the office of the local senator. If there are problems caused specifically by how the VA behaved then Mom can even consider hiring a lawyer and suing the VA. I look forward to seeing Mom on the TV news! Best wishes to all of you.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      (jumps up to lick face) Thank you so much for your suggestion. Mom has done as you prescribed and taken the matter up with the Senator. Thank you very, very, much! Woof!

  2. weggieboy

    That’s a lot to deal with till October, perhaps beyond. You are on the way to knowing where you stand, though, and then you will know what you need to do.

    As someone who survived two major illnesses, I understand the fear and worry that not knowing how you are doing brings. I have no wise words other than to know you are loved, many pray for you, are concerned for your health and recovery, and will stand by you no matter what comes. You will learn who is important in your life, and it may not always be people you expected to stand up when you needed them!

    (Maggie, you have an important part to play, too, and you will be a big help in future weeks.)

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Mom says: Thank you Doug, for your kind words and understanding. How I had hoped for such a reaction from my spouse. Alas, he was more worried about the cost of the hospital. Made me very sad and anxious about the financial future as well. I am remaining positive and hoping for the best outcome. Elizabeth

  3. The Daily Blabber

    Your Mom is a woman after my own heart Maggie. I like to write strongly worded letters as well. Planet Feedback is amongst the best “angry consumer” websites ever. I hope she feels better really really soon. I’m sure everything will go fine on the 2nd and I’ll keep her in my thoughts.


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