9/23/14 A Slow News Day

Today is kind of a slow news day. Mom got her blood work results back and now she knows why she is so tired all the time – Vitamin D deficiency, bad! So she has to take some more medicine and hopefully take a few moments out to visit the local tanning booth. If she can get off the couch.

I have been watching Mom all day (she’s been doing a lot of nothing) but I’m keeping an eye on her. When I wasn’t, I went out in the back yard and enjoyed the beautiful day.


I hope you all had a beautiful day, too!  Woof!  Love, Maggie

5 thoughts on “9/23/14 A Slow News Day

  1. Kheleya Fahrmann

    Hi, Maggie. My superintendent just got a three-month-old puppy he named Chico. He looks like a doberman but I can’t be sure because of the perky ears. When I offered him my hand to sniff he first groomed it and then began trying to chew on it. His tiny teeth and jaw pressure did no damage whatsoever, but it’s still something that concerns me. As the super led Chico away he was chewing on his leash. Is this something the super might need to address before Chico gets older and able to hurt other things?

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      oh gracious, no. Chico is going through a teething stage. He has to chew for the health of his teeth. If he was nibbling on you in a “corncob” type of motion, it means he liked you and was trying to groom you. Dogs do constructive chewing (nylabones, toys) for the health of their teeth and will do destructive chewing (your shoes, etc.) usually out of boredom. I do hope the super keeps Chico and gives him lots of exercise and an outlet for his chewing energy. I am also very pro-obedience school. Dogs are smart and become bored easily. Obedience school helps them in that following commands becomes their “job” and this intellectual stimulation makes for a calmer pet. Keep me posted! Woof!


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