10/1/14 Bits O’ Kibble (pieces of news)

First off, a happy tail wag to you all that it is the month of October! I love the Fall! Being a thinly-haired, pink-skinned dog has its challenges in the Summertime. And my allergies are usually bad through August. So October is perfect running around outside weather (before the snow blows up my tail!) Here’s to falling leaves and sunny, crisp days!

Mom goes to the hospital tomorrow morning very early. I shall be reporting for Guard Dog duty as soon as she gets home. Paws crossed for her that all goes well! And thank you for all your good and kind wishes for my Mom.

Sometimes, I fail to mention how much I love my young human, Jamie. Jamie takes me on loooong walks and lets me sniff anything and everything outside for just as long as I like. That is a real treat for a dog. I love the complex smell of the horse stables down the street. I’d like to get a pet horse. Dogs and horses get along very well! Somehow, I don’t think Dad is going to allow it.

Mom got a special note from the agent she sent her book to. The special note asked Mom for lots more information. Mom compiled everything together and is going to send it out just as soon as we take a picture together to include in the transmission. Jamie or Dad will take the picture on my chair tonight! This is a very exciting time!

I haven’t seen the big Shepherd lately because the humans are only letting me out on the leash. Mom is fretting over getting an electric fence to supplement the physical one. She wants me to be able to run freely and right now it is just too easy to bust through the fence. But she doesn’t want me to get shocked, either. So the fence thing is still in the planning stages. I chased the rabbit and a robin this morning, dragging Mom along behind me…foiled again!

Thanks for reading!

Woof! Love, Maggie


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