10/3/14: The Operation

Mom had her operation yesterday and it was successful. Something called “Pathology” is going to give her results and tell her next week if it is “cancer”, but for now, Mom’s sleeping a lot.

When Mom came home, Dad put her in bed and I jumped up and sniffed her carefully all over. It had been a wild morning, with Mom and Dad leaving early for the hospital and me being stuffed in the crate at 5 a.m. But that’s beside the point. When Mom came back, I could smell blood, medicine, and bruises, on her. I carefully licked the bruises and needle sticks on her hands and wrists until Dad told me to stop.  Then I curled up next to Mom and waited.

For hours:


(Mom is in the big lump of covers)

And hours:


(I put my nose by her covered feet)

And hours.


I would not leave her side for a minute.

Finally, Mom got up and got something to drink. Dad took me outside and Jamie played with me with the laser light (I love that thing!) so that I wouldn’t be antsy.  Then Dad and Jamie gave me a bath. You know I ran around without my collar, but as soon as I was dry again, everything was back to normal for me.

I’m still watching over Mom, though.

Woof! Love, Maggie

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