10/7/14 It’s Raining Roof!

Today was a very strange day. Early in the morning, two suspicious-looking trucks with long ladders parked in front of the house. Mom took Jamie to school, and by the time she came back, it was raining roof!

I looked out the window and saw sheets and sheets of old roofing material flying down in a black tempest. Mom was jumpy at all the noise and I have to compliment myself that I did not bark like crazy at all the strangers around.

Mom eventually settled down, though, and I stay close to her side. We were just about prisoners in the home. All the hammering and tapping, scraping and thudding aside, I ended up in the crate a lot today as people came and went, inside the house and outside. I was not happy about that at all, but Mom gave me treats while I was in the crate and cooed to me that I was a good girl. Well. That put my hair down at least!

It is getting to be sundown and I am not sure if they are going to finish the job today. Those men certainly cannot work up on the roof in the dark! We shall see…


My poor backyard!

Woof! Love, Maggie


2 thoughts on “10/7/14 It’s Raining Roof!

  1. toad2014

    What did happen to the back yard “bark bark” thanks for dropping by thisoldtoad, please take a look @ jensenempire2551.wordpress.com


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