Autumn Eargasm Day 5 – McMassacrE – Welcome to Space

Positive review for Jamie’s music! Thank you James Revels III

Audio SeXXX

This song was submitted by long time follower Maggie0019. She sent this piece made by her 14 year old son. That’s right I said 14 years old! Its a great ambient, electronic piece that flows and varies in a way even well known professional may be scared to try or  haven’t grasp till years into their practice in their craft. Welcome to space is probably album worthy in my opinion.

Bio: James McManus
James McManus, aka McMassacrE, is a 14 year-old DJ and music producer from Chicago, IL. McMassacrE has released a handful of tunes on, and has his first album on Carpet Stain Records set to release on 10/31/14, called “Kill It”.  Musical influences include: Knife Party, Skrillex, Muzzy, some classic rock, and Jazz. If you’d like to become a Victim of McMassacrE, you can reach him

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