Some fun pictures

Hi, Friends:

Just wanted to share some fun pix of Maggie that we got over the last couple of days. In the first one, she is barking at a bowl of Halloween candy. We decided not to risk placing the bowl on the dining room table as she might jump up and eat some. So, Jamie decided to place it atop the large hall closet. He made a Dixie cup ghost to “guard” the candy. Can you see it in the corner?

Anyway, Maggie sauntered out of my room and noticed that bowl where it did not belong in Her House, and she went into a stance and began barking her head off! Notice her legs and her semi-flattened ears.


In this next shot, Jamie decided to put a T-shirt on Maggie with disastrous results – for the shirt. After she shredded it, I had to toss it out. You can see he got it over her head but could not get her legs through the arm holes as she put up a mighty struggle:


Maggie, 1; T-shirt, 0.

Your friend,


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