11/11/14 Happy Veteran’s Day

And a woofing big “thank you” to all our Veterans! We wouldn’t have our great country without you.

Mom served in the U.S. Navy. She says she had easy duty in Hawaii and, when she was young, was spoiling for a fight. But that didn’t happen, and she ended up coming home. Mom loved her time in the military and says she’d do it over again.

Mom says the kids going over to the Middle East are the modern day heroes. She says the fighting men and women (plus all that worked in factories here at home) during WWII need to be remembered as The Greatest Generation. (Not shirking WWI or any of the other wars). One of the things Mom says is that, “Every American needs to read the names on the Memorial at Pearl Harbor.” She says it’s one of the most emotional places in America.

We are flying our flag today, and hope this blog finds you flying yours. This picture goes out to anyone who doesn’t like the United States of America:


Woof! Love, and with gratitude, Maggie

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