11/14/14 Tennis Balls and Toy Bones

Mom told me she has to leave for the hospital in just 2 days, and she has been paying extra attention to me because of that.

This morning saw the return of the Hairy Bullet and Mom laughed so hard she cried. It started with this thing Mom found called a “tennis ball”. It was in the K9 cannon, but Mom took it out and threw it around for me (it’s cold out, and I don’t like the cold). So here she’s throwing the ball in the house, and I’m pounding after it (all 55 lbs.). But every time I get a paw on the ball it goes dribbling out from between my front feet, bouncing all over. So I have to jump up and pounce on it to get my mouth around it. Then I shoot up the stairs and down the hall and back again. Good thing it is carpeted up there. Because I went in to a major skid and totally slammed into the wall when I tried that move downstairs.

Anyway, our rough play ended upstairs, where lo and behold – not just one toy bone, but TWO toy bones, and a couple real ones lying around for good measure. I abandoned the tennis ball and streaked around with the toy bone (I kept changing them to throw Mom off). I rocketed in a “U” pattern: out from the hall, into the bedroom, tear across the human bed (freshly made), down off the bed, back out into the hall, switch bones, back in again. Mom tried to get pictures but she couldn’t, she really couldn’t, because I was way too fast. And she was laughing so hard.

Mom said the look on my face was priceless; rolling my eyes and flattening my ears, crouching low to the floor like I dropped my suspension and zoooom!!! Rip, rip, rip went my claws on the carpet. Rip, rip, rip went the blankets on the bed. Once I had them all lumped in a giant mountain in the middle, I heaved a great sigh and jumped to the floor to concentrate on the larger of the bones:


After a while we went back downstairs. I was pooped out from all that running and jumping. Mom caught me smiling while napping:


It’s true, a tired Pittie is a happy Pittie!

Woof! Love, Maggie

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