11/21/14 Getting back to normal

Mom spent the first night at home yesterday. I thought she would go upstairs to the big bed, but she slept on the couch. She told Dad that she could not get in and out of bed yet. Mom has a ladder-back dining room chair next to the couch to help her get up and down. Mom is moving very slowly and I have to be careful not to jump on her. It’s hard, because I’m excited she is back.


Mom can’t chase me (I love to be chased!) and she keeps telling me, “Give me that toy.” Then she holds out her hand for me to give her my toy, or bone, and I refuse. When she does get it, she will toss it very gently and then tell me to give it to her again, but I am waiting for her to chase me. Mom says it will be a long time before she can chase me and I’d better learn how to play fetch instead. This is my answer to that:


Not going to happen. Thankfully, Laurel comes over and plays with me and wears me out:


Ooh! Big yawn.

Besides Mom sleeping on the couch and creeping around like a bug, things are getting back to normal. The men of the house had been reverting to Cave Man status while Mom was gone. Jamie actually said that for breakfast one morning he had a slice of bread, a small muffin, and a handful of nuts. This was because Dad did not know we were out of milk for cereal. Mom raised her eyebrow and gave him a Look. She said, “Foraging for nuts? You guys went Cro-Mag while I was gone.”

I am glad Mom is back, too, because I wasn’t getting nearly enough treats in her absence. Like I said, Mom can’t really play, but she is always ready with a smile and a pat and a treat for me. I know Mom will get better. Dr. M. said that cancer was knocking on Mom’s door, that everything was turning bad already and getting corroded. She said that Mom is safe now and doesn’t need chemo or anything like that. So, things are getting back to normal but it is going to be slow and take time. I hope I can be good and not jump. That’s my biggest job, besides keeping an eye on Mom.

Woof! Love, Maggie

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