11/22/14 This Recovery Is Hard.

Hi Friends,

Elizabeth here. As Maggie has told you, I am home from the hospital, where I underwent major surgery this week, and now am home recuperating.

This recovery business is hard. I feel horrible that I am on completely restricted duty – no lifting, pushing, pulling. No housework or vacuum. No bending to pick things up off the floor.

Now, that might sound like a rest cure for some of you. But for me, who perpetually has ants in the pants, it’s terrible. I’m going batty with boredom. And, I feel bad with my husband out working all day then he has to come home and do “my” stuff. But I guess it’s “our” stuff now. Jamie helps a lot. Erik came by and cleaned my whole kitchen. I’m very grateful.

My neighbor Tasha sent her daughter over with the most delicious sweet-potato pie I’ve ever eaten. No way that was going to last til Thanksgiving. My adoptive parents (2nd set) made us wonderful chicken soup. I’ve been sent the most beautiful flowers, given yummy-smelling candles, and a beautiful card and picture from Vanessa and my niece. Laurel is a Godsend, not only spoiling me with treats but taking care of Maggie. I’m blessed with good friends and family.

The Office Manager at my doctor’s office gave me very good advice: Take a heavy dining room chair and put one next to your couch and bed. When you need to get up, use it like hospital bed rails. Jim positioned the chairs for me. That has helped a lot with getting up and down.

Last night, I was able to sleep in my bed for the first time since Sunday. Maggie was kind enough to let me get settled in first. Then she jumped in the bed and snuggled right next to me. This dog loves to “spoon”. She did not kick me all night. She never even bumped my swollen belly. I relaxed then, petting her and petting her, and soothing myself into the bargain. Best sleep ever.

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. Maggie wags a tail “hello”.

Your friend,


5 thoughts on “11/22/14 This Recovery Is Hard.

  1. paws2smile

    Good to hear surgery went well! Yeah, recovery is certainly hard. I have a hard time asking for help so my gallbladder surgery was frustrating for me. Granted your surgery was different but you know what I mean. πŸ™‚

    Dogs are seriously the best πŸ™‚ What would we do without them? Hope you recover soon!

  2. weggieboy

    Good to hear your support crew are treating you like a queen! Just keep reminding yourself that trying to get back into the regular routine before your body is ready for it will cost you a longer recovery, so follow your doctor’s orders, Ma’am!


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