Just a blog from the heart

It’s Elizabeth. I’m sad for my boy, Erik. Erik had to re-home his dog today because of considerations that were outside his ability to handle them. Oh, I know plenty of people who hop on the “never re-home my dog” bandwagon, but face it, sometimes sh** happens.

For one thing, Erik has a grueling working schedule. For another, he has moved in with his fiancee’s family and They Do. Not. Want. The. Dog. That means no help in letting the dog out, feeding it, etc. and he (a little JackChi cutie) would spend way too long in the crate since, as I have said, no one was willing to help with the dog.

Now mind you, I would have snapped that li’l cutie up in a second IF Maggie wasn’t so territorial and attached. She just was not properly socialized as a young age and because of that, the little dog was in danger here. So I could not take him, and that broke my heart. Talk about feeling helpless and powerless.

In steps another family member: has the hookup of a good family who is looking for that type of dog. Today was the meet n’ greet and it went tail-wagging great. Everyone was happy, the dog was happy. Erik excused himself and had his breakdown in the car. I didn’t even get to say goodbye to the li’l guy since I can’t leave the house yet. I cried myself, out of sheer sadness of the situation. And I’ll miss the little guy! My fondest memory is him at the top of the stairs basking in the sunlight. That is the image I need to take with me. I hope my son finds one to hang on to, too.

The bottom line is, the dog will have a better life, never be alone, not put in a crate, and lots and lots of human attention and interaction. It’s the best thing to do for the dog. He needed a solid home. But it broke my son’s heart. He loved that dog. It broke my heart. There are so many ways this story could have ended differently. But it didn’t. I just ask: please don’t judge. My son would have taken his dog and lived in the car if he could have. But he couldn’t. So please, don’t judge. We don’t know other peoples’ circumstances and what they are going through.



10 thoughts on “Just a blog from the heart

  1. CrimsonCorundum

    I’m definitely not judging your son, but I must admit I am judging the fiancee and her family. Can’t help it, I’m afraid. Either you love dogs or at the very least you should be prepared to welcome it, because you love your fiance. If you don’t, then – well, you get the picture.

  2. weggieboy

    I agree with CrimsonCorundum. On the other hand, as difficult as the decision was, your son showed greater compassion and understanding of the needs of his dog than his fiancee’s family, and the dog should have a much better life with the new family because of it.

    I have a difficult time not commenting on how I feel about the fiancee’s family, but will let that go since I know exactly one thing about them: They aren’t pet-friendly.

  3. Dionysus Amber

    I don’t blame Eric, I think he did the responsible thing. generally speaking i object to people taking on a dog then letting him/her end up in some kennel. But like you said: ‘sh** happens and these things aren’t always avoidable.


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